Sky Lanterns

The “Original” Fire Retardant was invented in 2006 in Shijie, Dongguan, GD PRC. Since the day we invented these new lanterns, the fire retardant sky lanterns have become an established trend in the West. From top quality fast rising lanterns to the cheap less safe copies being pushed on uninformed buyers. Today nearly everyone in the West now knows this item.

We supply two main versions:


18 GMS double sided paper, strong & easy to unfold and fly

6x9cm 5 layers of waxed cotton cloth with grass paper inserted between layers

"Economy Lanterns"

14 GMS one sided paper, better quality thinner paper, one of the best quality papers available at 14GMS

7x7 cm Five layers of waxed cotton cloth with grass paper inserted between layers


Why Successful resellers Sell Original Sky Lanterns?

#1 We are legal

ONLY Chinese Legal Producer of Metal Free String Lanterns Patent number:   ZL 200820093622.3.

If using string there is a risk of the goods being seized in the Chinese port of departure. Best to pay for illegal string lanterns “after” they are loaded on a ship, not before they are loaded. (An illegal lantern producer is unlikely to give you a refund if the goods are seized).

#2 Quality

“Original Sky Lanterns” use only Flame-retardant paper, safe minimal drip fuel, fully assembled in factory setting where the craftspeople are well paid. 

* Easy to unfold, no sticky paper to pull apart

* Easy to inflate, strong paper doesn't rip

* Easy to light, just light a corner

* Rises quickly above potential obstacles


Highly flammable paper material is NEVER mixed in.

Fiber wax cubes never used. Asbestos not allowed in factory.


All seams are fully glued, no handling damage, no mold, no bugs, no stains from paper dye,

Gel packs are included to reduce moisture,

A protective wax paper covers patches, (no wax melting on paper)

Sturdy shipping boxes.

Also hanger bags for in-store hangers are available.

Display boxes and display stands available for stores.


Simply the best sky lantern made Since 2005

Original Sky Lantern service and packaging team is led by a native English speaker ensuring no details are missed.

Our lead times are fast, and we deliver ON TIME.

Original Sky Lanterns are used for the successful quality brands in Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America.

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