Three Screen Zapper

Three Screen Zapper
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Three Screen Zapper

  • Just zap the bug listen to the racket to cheer.
  • Built in speaker and Integrated circuit.
  • A ton of fun added to the thrill of zapping bugs.
  • 3 settings, ON/OFF/ON with Cheering
  • Available with or without cheering
  • Heavy Duty/High Power hand-held bug zapping racket. A tool, not a toy.
  • ABS plastic (not cheap brittle recycled plastic).
  • Top quality screens and super strong frame.
  • Can make custom inner spacers for logo etc.
  • Heavy Duty Transformer and PPS capacitor to ensure long life and stable zaps.
  • Nothing can match the build and reliability of this Zapper
  • Available with a variety of packaging

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