White “Original” Fire Retardant Sky lantern

White “Original” Fire Retardant Sky lantern
Product Code: White “Original” Fire Retardant Sky lantern
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White “Original” Fire Retardant Sky lantern


* 38 ~ 58 D 103 H Globe

* 18GMS, 6 x 9 fuel

* 38 x 56 sized wrap around 4 color inserts

* Thicker OPP bags with wax cover and moisture pack.

Main Features

* Easy to unfold, no sticky paper to pull apart

* Easy to inflate, strong paper doesn't rip

* Easy to light, just light a corner

* Rises quickly above potential obstacles

* Easy to use for 1st time users

* High Quality Trouble-free product

Most commonly bought color.

Used for Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations, Baby Showers, Birthdays, New Years, Memorials, Sporting Events, Business Functions & Promotions, BBQ’s etc. Creates an unforgettable impact on all who observe the event. 


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