About You ... and Us

About YOU:

QY Factory LTD. China and MH Manufacturing Corp. is about YOU and what we can do for YOU.

We are a Canadian and Chinese joint operation ready to serve you. We work with several other supply factories to produce your goods on this website plus your private labels. We supply your international markets and some of your products have held substantial market share in some of these markets.

We invent and innovate items that enrich your lives and the lives of those who purchase what you buy. With this in mind you have managed to keep us profitable enough to prove that your objectives are worthwhile. We Thank You!

When and What we have started:

Since 2003 (when I first met Jim Liu, the founder of QY Factory), we have slowly built an extensive distribution network. Our Bug Zapping Rackets are selling in many markets and our Max Smekker brand even became the generic name for zappers in Norway. Sky Lanterns is also a name we coined in 2005-2006 when these lanterns were referred to as Khom Loi and Kongming Deng. We made the first Fire-Retardant Sky Lantern in 2006 and this was the main factor in the industry’s success.


China is our production base. It still the world’s strongest producer and with its infrastructure, it will likely remain that way for a long time to come. The thrill of producing goods for the world is never lost in the manufacturing centers. In places like Dongguan, this energy exists at every corner, every factory, and every facet of this industrialized society. China is quickly becoming the cornerstone of innovation and progression.

We are happy to be part of it.


Here the where the Western-Sino cooperation has helped us to successfully serve you. Jim is a factory manager and I am a marketing manager, although we both deal with production and customers. This market specialization and cultural knowledge of Chinese and Western markets makes a perfect fit.

QY factory and MH Manufacturing Corp. continue to exceed expectations, undersell and over deliver consistently. Lightning fast lead times and dependable quality has thus far ensured a continued interest in our services. As our existence implies, YOU have decided our presence is required and we thank you.

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